Nova Scotia Real Estate Blog

Nova Scotia Real Estate Blog


Nova Scotia Real Estate Blog is my way of expressing myself. As an X- Real Estate agent, with
18 years of experience. It’s always been a pet peeve of mine to see a buyer end up with an agent that
doesn’t work that particular market. It used to irk me to no end to see an Oceanfront
client working with someone who would typically list or sell in  Halifax.

My name is Paul Viau. I am a real estate consultant.

This is a buyers reference and a Private Sales in Nova Scotia site.

As a buyer coming into Nova Scotia, you’re faced with +-1500 agents to choose from to
represent you in your home purchase.  Perhaps you’re Buying a Condo in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Or maybe your Buying in the Portland Estates area in Dartmouth.
Why not work with a seasoned professional who works in the area you’re interested
in purchasing.  Precisely the reasoning behind Nova Scotia Real Estate Blog. 

These may sound like trivial things but as a result, they end up costing the client tens of thousands.
My goal is to be an advocate when it comes to buying   Real Estate in Nova Scotia.
Nova Scotia Real Estate Blog

 My Story.      I was a real estate agent for 18 yrs in the Halifax / South Shore markets.
I had a stroke in November 2007.  I eventually dropped
my Real Estate license and became a Real Estate photographer in 2010.
That’s how High Shots Photography came to be.

In those 18 yrs in real estate, I’ve met some awesome agents working in all markets in Nova Scotia. Through photography,  I’ve met some
real crackerjack agents as well.  I got the idea for this website/blog when thinking up something that would almost guarantee the agents stick with me as their photographer.

Nova Scotia Real Estate Blog

I have a real feel for trends with certain areas and not all markets in Nova Scotia are created equally.  Fresh bi-weekly input and data from certain segments of the market will help you make perhaps the most important decision in your life. The last thing that we want to see if you get pressured into buying a property.  Your home is typically your largest investment and we’re here to help match you to the agent who can best serve your needs. A Real Estate agent that knows about trends and demographics and has the respect of his/her peers. They will have a track record of satisfied clients.

Nova Scotia Real Estate Blog will protect the seller in perhaps the most important transaction in their lives.

What the blogs will feature.
I’m going to post on different topics such as buying a condo, Investing in Nova Scotia (from away) and the importance to find the right financing. Various posts will be on different subjects affecting us in the Maritimes.  I will go to different towns in Nova Scotia and report on they’re real estate markets and get opinions as well.

Nova Scotia Real Estate Blog


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