Nova Scotia Private Sales. In today’s hot market!

Nova Scotia Private Sales

Nova Scotia private sales

I take photos for Real Estate agents and some  private sales in
Nova Scotia as well. The bulk of my business today is drone photos.
As I fly more, I get better and pick up better technique,
I can now fly in some pretty heavy winds up to 25 miles per hour|

With the market in Nova Scotia being the hottest in recent times.
As a matter of fact – Never has it been better. Put a home on the market
and if your lucky -you will see competing offers within a week!

In this market,  private sales will do well.
I have  included some of the best deals I have found
from my 18 yrs. as a Real Estate agent.
I have dedicated this page to them!

Here are the latest private sales in Nova Scotia.   back to home page  

It is a  3br condo in the North end. Completely done over  – All rooms renovated.

Make sure you contact the owner. –

Get in Touch

5561 Heatherwood Court
Unit 504
Halifax, NSB3K5N7




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